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REA is proud to have played a part in the “Biggest Office Property Sale in NJ State History” Newport Tower

We believe behind every great project is a great team. So, we are thrilled to have played our part in the success of CBRE and owner Brookfield Properties selling of Newport Tower in Jersey City for a record $377.5 million, the biggest price tag NJ has ever seen for an office property.

While REA has grown into many areas of design and branding over the past decade, one of the lines of business it continues to be passionate about is it’s Investment Sales business. For close to 15 years we have been setting the high water mark on the key marketing tool for selling large real estate assets the Offering Memorandum. While REA’s competitors service this same market, we promise and deliver on a non – standard, non template driven product that exemplifies smart modern design.

Newport Office Tower Offering Memorandum cover by Real Estate Arts

Newport Tower Cover

“We are constantly looking at inspiration from every corner of the design world”

Real Estate Arts Offering Memorandum design Newport Tower

Interior pages

Offering Memorandum Design by Real Estate Arts

Interior Spread

We cherish our long-standing relationships in the Investment Sales community and congratulate CBRE and Brookfield for this breakthrough accomplishment.

Be on the lookout for REA’s new  IPAD product that will roll out in 2012.

Check out the story on NJ.com

Typography in Street Art

Sometimes the best design inspiration can stem from what we pass on the streets, painted and stenciled onto walls by our nocturnal and mysterious counterparts.  What we find is that street artists use many of the same spatial and graphic elements that designers use in creating their work.  Here are some examples of excellent typographic designs by famous street artists D*face, Mobstr, Aske, and CT, for inspiration.


D*face is most known for his logo-like stickers and cartoonish pictures, but shows he’s also capable of creating his own typography.


Mobstr’s pieces usually consist of simple, black stenciled quips — which only make his jokes funnier in their context.  He shows typography doesn’t need to be fancy to be clever.


Russian artist Aske (meaning “Ashes” in Norwegian) chose the name because he liked the shape and flow of the letters. He employs graphic elements similar to that seen in 1950s and 60s designs.


Russian artist CT employs elements of movement, geometry, and optical illusions to create extremely bold and striking pieces, which appear more like logos than graffiti.

Now, for your answers!

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Chip’s Thoughts: Herb Lubalin

By Anthony “Chip” Fernandez, REA Designer

Scroll below to see more examples of Herb Lubalin’s typography work – it’s a great inspiration for us here at REA.