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Buildings As Canvases


Buildings in NYC used to be covered with hand-painted ads (just look up and you’ll see their remnants, known as “ghost signs“). A labor-intensive process, these works date back to the 1800s, but disappeared in the 1980s when computer and vinyl printing became the norm. Recently, however, the artistic style of marketing has made a comeback. For instance, last summer 315 Park Avenue South’s wall facing 23rd Street was used to advertise the film “Batman” with a 150-foot-mural. For a look into this type of art, and the people who create them, watch this short documentary “Up There.”


– Barbra Tolentino, Graphic Designer

A Highlight on Fifth Avenue

REA recently completed a barricade for 693 Fifth Avenue, located in the heart of New York City’s busiest retail avenue.  This is one of multiple projects REA is working on for Thor Equities, a leader in urban real estate development with a focus on retail and mixed-use buildings.

693 Fifth Avenue is comprised of seven floors of retail and two floors of office space, totaling 44,500 square feet.  The building is currently getting a “facelift” with a modernized facade.

The purpose of the 3-story barricade was to grab attention and help Thor find a perfect retail partner for the space.  REA Creative Director Irasema explained that the creative process involved developing a design that was unique compared to most retail barricades — so the design team chose bold text and an eye-catching image.  An emphasis on luxury fashion was also part of the equation, to convey the elegance of Fifth Avenue retail.  REA sets a standard in selling retail space by capitalizing on this luxury retail aspect and pushing a bolder look.

The area welcomes up to 11,000 daily pedestrians to pass the 50 feet of frontage. Visit the 693 Fifth Avenue website for more information.

Tipping my Fedora to the Mad Men of Old.

Here’s a re-post from our REA Approved Blog! We thought it’d be worth it to share it here too:

4/6 – It’s hard to escape the frenzy of the new season of Mad Men. The captivating ads are plastered everywhere; the talk around the water cooler about the future of Don Draper is plentiful.  Not to mention retailers like Banana Republic are jumping on the band wagon by showcasing Mad Men inspired fashions in their windows. I have to say, I love it all. The visual style is breathtaking and inspiring and seems to be showing up on my radar everywhere I go.

A few weeks ago I attended a field trip with my son Andrew to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, which ended up being another unexpected time warp back to the 1960′s. The tour of the old subway cars was interesting in itself, but when I looked up to see pristine ads from the period, I was in heaven.  From the 2012 Madmen to those of the 1960′s: I say thank you. You have left an undeniable mark on the advertising business, and a visual style to be cherished, studied and re-examined. -M.G.

Live, Work, Create

Here we go … the continuation of our December REA APPROVED excursions.

Chip & Brittany found some awesome things to “Approve,” so check out the rest on our REA APPROVED blog here.

FAO Schwarz

About the location: Central Park, Fifth Avenue Fashion, spectacular art, thriving culture, endless shopping, unbelievable dining and lively nightlife – this is Pure New York City. Amid the whirl of excitement you will find the GM Building, and located at its base the legendary FAO Schwarz store, a timeless beloved destination loved by adults and children alike.  

How REA approached the design & video process: Our challenge was to create a customizable campaign that targeted individual world-class retailers, giving them the ability to envision their brands in the space. While touring the location, we noticed how the FAO Schwarz building exterior mimicked a showcase from the outside—like something you might find in a fine jewelry store. We also discovered that the location was truly unparalleled and a brand would be showcased here like no other. Thus the idea of “the perfect showcase” was born.

The World Financial Center: REA Design Process

REA Director of Design Irasema Rivera called her very first project at REA “a progressive challenge” — in the most positive of terms.  The World Financial Center’s design process — from the initial look and feel to the printed piece — took the creative team about 2 months to complete.  Under Rivera’s guidance, they created a vision that would highlight the three major qualities of this new development: the high-end retail, excellent accessibility, and regrowth of this post 9/11 neighborhood.

Irasema: The retail was envisioned to be high-end, a completely new retail experience for the consumer, different from how they may be experiencing it today.  So we went for a look that would bring in that sense of fashionable, luxurious retail throughout the design.  The second piece was the accessibility–that the WFC would be extremely easy to get to due to the addition of the West Street entrance, as well as the new Fulton Street Transit hub.

Last but not least, there was the neighborhood–an area that was blooming again in the decade following 9/11.  A project like WFC was proof that businesses as well as residents were committed to bringing the neighborhood back, and expanding upon it.  So we focused on images and phrases that would really highlight what the WFC had to offer throughout the day and also at night… from beautiful scenery and a great neighborhood for business, to the dazzling nightlife of clubs and restaurants.

The inspiration for the logo came, in part, from the idea that the WFC was painting a new vision for itself — one that included a curated, considered experience — similar to something one would experience in an art gallery. Since the World Financial Center is near the water, I thought that the brush strokes of a water color painting would work for the logo. I did an initial set of drawings on tracing paper using a wide marker. After about the third one, I knew we had it … but we did another 20-30 just to be certain. Once selected, we scanned the drawing and then converted it to vector outline artwork in Illustrator.

The Retail at 353 West 14th Street “The Gateway to the Meatpacking District”

Real Estate Arts and Aurora Capital team up to market this "Gateway to Meat Packing" Retail Hotspot

Real Estate Arts launches campaign to promote 353 W 14th Street Retail for Aurora Capital

We just completed a project for 353 W. 14th Street, located at the heart of the Meatpacking District.  We created the above identity and a banner that was placed over the store front.  An advertising campaign was also placed in  Hamptons magazine, and you can visit the full 353 W. 14th St website here.

Real Estate Arts designs marketing campaign for Aurora Capital, Jared Epstein for 353 West 14th Street NYCReal Estate Arts launches digital campaign for 353 West 14th Street in Meatpacking – Website Home Page
Advertising for 353 W 14th Street by REA

Advertising for 353 W 14th Street by REA

Hamptons Magazine Advertising for 353 W 14th By Real Estate Arts

Hamptons Magazine Ad



Real Estate Arts designs dynamic retail leasing signage as seen here fo

Real Estate Arts designs dynamic retail leasing signage as seen here for 353 W 14th Street in Meat Packing

Real Estate Arts designs dynamic retail leasing signage as seen here fo

Real Estate Arts designs dynamic retail leasing signage to announce the available space at the Gateway to the Meatpacking District NYC

Real Estate Arts designs complete integrated campaign including website to promote 353 W 14th Street Retail

Real Estate Arts designs complete integrated campaign including website to promote 353 W 14th Street Retail NYC

353 W. 14th is located just blocks away from well-known restaurants such as Pastis, Google’s NYC Headquarters, Apple, and high-fashion retail such as Alexander McQueen.  Walk west on 14th Street towards the water, and you’ll hit the High Line. Find more photographs below of the lively surrounding area.

Real Estate Arts designs complete integrated campaign including website to promote 353 W 14th Street Retail

Real Estate Arts brings 353 West 14th Street Retail to the masses with this dynamic website