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Live, Work, Create

Here we go … the continuation of our December REA APPROVED excursions.

Chip & Brittany found some awesome things to “Approve,” so check out the rest on our REA APPROVED blog here.


Today our staff was sent out in pairs to discover the things we normally ignore during our hectic New York City lives.  The city is filled with wonders large and small that we miss on our rushed way to work.  This was a chance for us to walk aimlessly to search for the beautiful things the city has to offer–focusing on design, architecture, and street art.

The staff brought back a lot of photos in a mere hour’s time, so we’ll post them bit by bit.  Check out our REA APPROVED blog for Part I.

Do you have any suggestions of places in the city where we can find some inspirational street art work?

Meet artist Gwyneth Leech

REA stumbled upon the artwork of Gwyneth Leech in the Flatiron building, where she creates beautiful drawings on paper coffee cups and hangs them from the ceiling.  We were so impressed and inspired by her work, that we decided to shoot a quick film and interview her for our “REA APPROVED” blog.  Check out the video here.

REA Welcomes Chris Lee Back


After a short hiatus, Design Director Chris Lee has returned to REA for work on OMs – offering memorandums.

We decided to ask him a few questions on his background and what he hopes to bring to our work in the OM sector. We’re happy to have him back!

Chris Lee returns to Real Estate Arts as Design Director - OM division

Welcome back Chris Lee!

How long have you been in the design industry?

I’ve been in the industry for about 15 years.

Where are you from originally?

South Korea. I moved to the United States when I was 16.

You mentioned you were an Illustration major. What made you switch over to design?

Getting a job in illustration 15 years ago was really hard – I’m not sure if it’s the same today. But one of my good friends who was also an art director suggested I try going into design, because I’d already been doing some computer graphics in school, and was familiar with it. I still do some painting work on the side.

What do you love most about design?

As a designer you have more freedom; you can think differently. Some people can only think on one side in their job; a designer can see multiple aspects and angles. That’s the beauty of being a designer or anyone pursuing creativity. You can see things other people can’t.

What do you plan to bring to REA through your “OM [offering memorandum] Academy”?

My background is in the financial sector so I’ve worked on OMs in the past. Most of the designers here haven’t worked on OM books, and it’s a unique sector – not like an annual or financial report. It’s very different from other types of design. The designers here should have a better idea of how to make a building or certain architecture appealing to buyers. Our OM has to stand out from other OMs when a buyer is taking a look at it. So that’s the way we have to present it.

How often do you plan on having OM Academy training sessions?

Probably bi-weekly, for about an hour each time. I’ll do a training session and then help anyone after who has questions.

REA is already considered the leading expert in the OM sector. Could you tell me a little more this sector, and about how you plan to keep our work #1?

OMs consist of lots of info-graphics, maps, stacking plans, and floor plans. There’s also a description of the real estate, which is the most important part when a buyer is choosing.

I think there are a lot of real estate design companies out there, but if we keep pushing ourselves… we’ll reinforce our commitment to excellence as the leading expert in OMs. And that’s really the whole point of the OM Academy, to keep learning and honing our skills in this area. There is always room to grow and improve, to continue to make our work really stand out.