Designed to Move You


Architects are integrating more than just eco-friendly designs these days – they’re also building environments that promote exercise. A growing trend since 2000, indoor and outdoor spaces are being strategically built to get people moving. Because evidence proves architecture impacts our wellness, “fit buildings” and “fit cities” are popping up everywhere. Across the country, planners, designers, developers, and health advocates are working together to combat widespread idleness, obesity, and diseases related to both.

Right now, New York’s Center for Architecture is featuring 33 projects in 15 states (and D.C.) that exemplify this new objective for construction. Titled “FitNation,” it’s an exhibit inspired by NYC’s own Active Design Guidelines, which offers design strategies for healthier streets, buildings, and plazas, based on research and best practices. A first-ever show, it demonstrates how added stairs, bike lanes, “parklets,” portable pools, and scrap wood swings can improve the way people work and live.

Stop by before September 7 to see what’s been made possible through active design.


– Francisca Ovalle, Copywriter

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