One Man’s Firehouse Is Another Man’s Home

NYC’s Limelight Marketplace – a former church and nightclub.

These days it’s expected for things to take on a second life in a different form – we live in the age of recycling and the decade of hipsters, after all. From retro wardrobes to trash art to antiquing and composting, our society (for the most part) simply likes to transform old into new. Similarly, reconditioning buildings – particularly in NYC – is a practice we’ve made popular. Why? Because we love relics. They emanate history, character and rarity, which is why we’re willing to pay a lot to live in one. Developers have caught on; today they leverage old properties by converting the likes of churches, stables, firehouses and police station radio rooms into modern-day dwellings. They turn distinct spaces into camouflaged homes, unbeknownst to many of their repurposed function. Luckily for us, their opting for interior reconfiguration over tearing down a building preserves the neighborhood’s appearance and personality for later generations to appreciate.

ImageInterior of Limelight Marketplace

A former stable (Photo: New York Magazine)

A former church (Photo: New York Magazine)

A former firehouse (Photo: New York Magazine)

A former police station radio room (Photo: New York Magazine)

– Francisca Ovalle, Copywriter

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