A Home Away From My Home


I’ve always had an appreciation for interior design; I think it stemmed from habitually driving by expensive homes at night with my mom to see the full monty of their décor. I won’t even get started on our frequent trips to open houses, but I will say it contributed to my love of studying where people live (bless The Selby and it’s bi-weekly dose of habitat profiles).

Fortunately for me, there’s a beautiful home 30 minutes away I can visit and admire as often as I want without seeming creepy. Just over in Corona, Queens, Louis Armstrong’s three-story brick house serves as a time capsule from the 28 years he lived there with his wife Lucille. Today a museum, the surprisingly modest building acts as a relic, quintessential of the leading styles from 1960s design. Guests are invited to take a guided tour, listen to at-home recordings of Louis talking and singing, and gaze at his artifacts on display (i.e. a trumpet, photos, clothing and manuscripts). I’ve now visited the landmark three times, and on each trip noticed another detail or learned something new. If I can’t convince you to also stop by, maybe these photos will.


– Francisca Ovalle, Copywriter

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