Journalism Through Drawing


Though I’m interested in graphic novels of all kinds, the work of Joe Sacco is particularly fascinating because it’s rooted in realism.

“Palestine” is a graphic novel documenting Sacco’s two-month experience interviewing Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza during the first intifada. It illustrates the power of visual journalism through in-depth interviews and cultural immersion as it covers a complex, nuanced issue.

Sacco leverages hard reporting, hundreds of interviews, and personal refugee camp experiences to document Palestine and the spirit of its people – from seeing Palestinians hurl rocks at Israeli soldiers, to staying in Palestinian hosts’ homes for days without a change of clothes. Sacco’s reporting is complemented by powerful images drawn from his notes and sketchbooks; together they create a fluid storyline and print-like version of a film documentary. Sacco is less interested in getting the scoop and more receptive to finding stories that will resonate long after breaking news has faded — and this is probably what draws me to his work (aside from the visual stuff, of course).

– Lecia Bushak, Account Manager

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