A Designer’s Haven: Branded Hotels

Droog Design – a cutting-edge design firm in Amsterdam – opened Hôtel Droog this past September. Just like the ironic design the company is famous for, the property’s details are unique and funky. Originally a 17th-century building, Hôtel Droog houses more amenities than it does guest rooms. In fact, there is only one bedroom available to book. But below the private space lie a curated exhibition space, beauty store, Droog-product shop, dining room and garden for everyone to enjoy.

Another concept hotel relatively new to Brussels is the Pantone Hotel by Pantone, Inc. – a market leader in color technology and communication. In 2010, the 59-room property opened with a different Patone color in each room, as well as Pantone-themed products (like toilet paper). Both international hotels exude such brilliant creativity they make me want to visit in the near future.

ImageHôtel Droog, the only bedroom

ImageHôtel Droog, ROOMSERVICE café and tearoom

Hôtel Droog, Fairy Tale Garden

Pantone Hotel, exterior

Pantone Hotel, lobby

Pantone Hotel, bedroom

– Barbra Tolentino, Graphic Designer

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