Mother Nature: A Beauty And A Beast

It’s evident Mother Nature has moods like us. At her best, she is blissful and composed – creating scenes we love to paint, write about, photograph, and turn into calendars and postcards. But at her worst, she is powerful, consuming and destructive, as we just saw with Hurricane Sandy. While moments of the storm were incredible sights to witness, its devastation left thousands of people displaced and unable to work. It’s the price we paid. But I know all of us would have gladly forgone the good if it meant avoiding the bad.

Society has always strived to produce architecture comparably beautiful to nature’s design, but after a long history of earthly disasters, she has proved we can’t compete. So, for the most part we just build, rebuild and prepare communities according to the cards she holds (look at Chile, San Francisco and Haiti, for example).

Frankenstorm Sandy affected me on a personal level when she devoured one of my favorite places – my parent’s home in Breezy Point, Queens, New York. Below are pictures I took from the beach town’s ruins.





– Brian Keeler, Graphic Deisgner

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