The Linear Perspectives Of Aakash Nihalani

As a fine artist who works at a design firm, I’m always interested in the ways the two disciplines interweave, though, many could debate that gray area. Aakash Nihalani is an artist who incorporates design elements into his street artwork – often large-scale tape designs that cover the sidewalk or walls in Brooklyn, NY. They are trompe l’oeil shapes appearing to be 3D; something Escher might produce if he had ADD or wanted to appeal to audiences with low attention spans (hello, modern world!). Bright neon colors and large, striking geometric shapes are sure to catch one’s eye on the street.

While most street artists are anonymous and avoid cops like the devil, Nihalani isn’t worried about using his real name. The work he produces is often difficult to be labeled as vandalism, seeing as tape can be easily scraped off a wall without any damage. Often taken down almost immediately after put up, his outdoor tape pieces are ephemeral, part of a fast-paced city that changes every moment.

Clutch, acrylic on cut canvas (2009)

ImageThe Mount, paper tape on wall, Bicycle Film Festival, Brooklyn (2009)

ImagePlayground, paper tape and cardboard on ground, Brooklyn (2010)

Stack, paper tape on wall, Brooklyn (2011)

Williams-Sonoma pop-up shop, commission

– Lecia Bushak, Project Manager

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