Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is considered one of the 21st century’s modern masters of painting.  He is talented in technical skills, as seen in his photo-realist portraits, but in his later years has worked mainly in abstraction.  Either way, his work seems to drift out of the subconscious, as his soft, blurred painting technique evokes a beautiful dreamlike quality.

Woman Descending the Staircase, 1965

Betty, 1988

Betty, 1977

One of Richter’s specialties was portraits.  The two above are of his daughter, Betty.

Richter used this type of “Atlas,” or plan, before painting.  Working straight from photographs, he would collect and place them together on sheets as source material for his paintings.

Self Portrait, 1996

Seascape, 1975

Richter also painted landscapes — clouds, seas, forests, meadows.  Unlike traditional landscape paintings, Richter’s border on the abstract.  Visually they seem to be the bridge between his photo-realist works and his more removed, abstract paintings.

Seascape, 1969


Untitled (Green), 1971

Abstract Painting, 1977


In his later years, Richter — who had always worked closely with photographs — began to use them directly in his work.  Instead of painting from them, he began painting on them.  They are a collision of two forces — the real and the abstract of pure color.

Abstract Painting, 1995

4 responses to “Gerhard Richter

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  2. Definitely a true master for his time. I love the painting of his daughter Betty in 1988. Lovely.

  3. It has to be a contemporary artist. I have thirteen already that I can’t narrow down. Please state the one or two worst and best (in your opinion) and why. Thanks 🙂
    Artists: Audrey Kawasaki, Craig Hawkins, Damian Loeb, Eric Fortune, Florian Sussmayr, Gerhard Richter, Jay Kelly, Kris Lewis, Melissa Haslam, Rachel Agnew, Robert Longo, Ross Bleckner, and Saul Becker

    • Thanks for the comment! Haven’t heard of some of these artists, but Audrey Kawasaki’s stuff is interesting (albeit more illustrative). Saul Becker’s paintings are beautiful and more abstract than the others you listed, and of course Gerhard Richter is a master!

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