REA New Hire – Noelle Pistilli

REA welcomes new Creative Services Director, Noelle Pistilli.  Here’s a few things we’ve learned about her:

1)    Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from Manhattan, but grew up mostly in Bergen County, NJ.

2)    What do you hope to achieve here? / What are some goals you’re excited about working towards at REA?

I hope to bring a unique perspective to REA’s clients’ projects, by offering creative ideas and insights. Some of my goals include expanding REA’s existing pool of creative talent by finding new and talented photographers, print professionals, videographers, and web developers. Another goal of mine is to find cutting-edge and unique print executions that REA can present to their clients. Such things as incorporating creative packaging, use of unique papers and print techniques, and concentrating on the details, helping REA’s clients stand out from the rest.

3)    What are some of your favorite things about the creative advertising & design industry?

I’m naturally a creative person, so I excel in creative environments, especially where new ideas are openly welcome and accepted. REA has an extremely creative environment, one where every team member is encouraged to share their unique ideas and experiences.

I think that design has a bigger influence on people’s lives than they realize. Just walking down the block to grab a cup of coffee, the average person encounters an overwhelming amount  of both  good and bad design. Inevitably effecting your mood and decision on where you’re going to buy that cup of coffee.

 4)    What are your favorite spots in the city?

I like trying out as many places around the city as possible, so if I don’t love it I usually won’t go back. Some favorite spots are: LES, Central Park, Union Square, and parts of Chelsea.

5)    What inspires you most?

I get inspired by sharing ideas and learning from other creative people. Also, by scrolling through lots of design blogs, magazines, movies, and listening to some of my favorite bands.

6)    List a few hobbies you enjoy.

I enjoy experimenting with photography, DIY projects at home, getting outside as often as possible, finding new bands, and movies of the indie variety.

7)    Any advice on treating clients? What’s your philosophy when it comes to doing your job well?

I think the best advice when it comes to clients is that you have to treat each person as an individual. Everyone has their own personality and methods of getting work done. Being a chameleon and able to adapt to each client’s unique ways, I think, is key to keeping clients happy and confident that you’ll get the job done well.

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