Musical Inspiration: the Creative Boost of Bootsy Collins

Compiled & presented by Anthony “Chip” Fernandez, REA Designer, at this week’s Monday Morning Meeting.

A lot of times we talk about what inspires us here at REA – whether it’s art, the Freedom Tower, or music.  Today we have something to share about a crazy musician – Bootsy Collins – whose music gets us moving when we’re feeling a bit down.

Born William Earl Collins, Bootsy was a clean cut-musician until he joined Parliament Funkadelic as a bassist.  He started the group The Pacemakers, which became James Brown’s backing band in March 1970, after most of the members of James Brown’s band quit over a pay dispute.  Thus The Pacemakers became known as the J.B.’s.

Some little-known facts about Bootsy: his nephew is the rapper Snoop Dogg, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 along with the the 15 other members of Parliament Funkadelic, and now he’s back with a new album called “Tha Funk Capital of The World.” Collins blends hip-hop, spoken word and Latin flavor with the classic  soul and funk for which he is known.

Why we like him:

– His high-pitched outbursts
– His signature star-shaped glasses and crazy outfit ensembles

-He’s not afraid to be nuts and awesome

(scroll down to see more pictures of this legend).

4 responses to “Musical Inspiration: the Creative Boost of Bootsy Collins

  1. I just added this blog to my rss reader, excellent stuff. Cannot get enough!

  2. Snoop Dogg is not Bootsy’s nephew. THIS IS IN ALL CAPS.

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