+ Pool: An Innovative Oasis

Now that the sweltering days of July have arrived, it’s not hard to find yourself dreaming of cooling off in swimming pools, or even jumping in the river — if only it were clean.

Well, maybe one day a piece of it will be.

We’re quite interested in this Kickstarter project, which is trying to raise money to create a plus-shaped pool (hence the plus sign in + Pool — clever clever), which will float IN THE RIVER.  It sounds impossible, but these guys have garnered a lot of research and discovered that it’s actually feasible.

The plan: to filter river water through a filtration system in the pool walls.  The first filtration layer will keep debris, oil, animals, and other large objects from entering the pool water; the second filtration layer will take care of algae and bacteria down to 1 micron, and the final layer will disinfect any viruses or other tiny microorganisms.

The pool will be divided into four sections: a Children’s section, a Sports section, a part for Lounging and another for Laps.  This way, + Pool doesn’t only make the river water happy, but it makes EVERYONE happy.

The modern pool planners just need a lot of money.  Like, a LOT of money.

They’ve reached their goal of raising $25,000 to start testing filtration layers, but will need up to $500,000 to build a mock-up of the pool, let alone build the pool itself.

What this project speaks to more than being the first of its kind and environmentally-friendly, is the power in online communities like Kickstarter.  The site allows innovative projects like these to receive enormous amounts of feedback, support and money — all in a matter of days.

We’ll keep you posted on any more design projects that we find fascinating and deserving of donations.

In the meantime, let’s hope the + Pool planners reach their goal: We vote for clean swims!

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