REA News Week of July 11-15, 2011

Winning Fairfield Metro Center

Recently REA made a significant step forward by winning a new project – the future Fairfield Metro Center, a LEED-certified multi-use complex that includes office space, a hotel, and a waterfront park.  The complex may potentially add residential space (for-sale condominiums and apartments).

REA will have the opportunity to create the brand for Fairfield Metro Center and hopefully continue to work closely with the developers in the coming years.  REA beat out four other design agency competitors in vying for this project, which Creative Director Paul Dunn said is so exciting because it is “the future of the workplace.”

“It will be inspirational to work with a client who believes in more than just selling space,” Dunn continued.

REA will be working from the foundation of a brand that was created 5-6 years ago, but redesigning and bolstering that with a stronger identity.  The creative team will be brainstorming on how to bring out that brand through video, website, brochures, and interactive media.

The acquisition of the Fairfield Metro Center project is certainly a testimony to REA’s advances in the market, and shows where the company sees itself going in the future.

New Hire: Jesse Torres

REA is happy to announce an addition to our team – Jesse Torres, who started this Monday.  Stay tuned for a future blog interview with Jesse about his background and what he plans to bring to REA!

1,000+ hits on REA Blog

We’ve already noted in our awesome banner below that we’ve reached more than 1,000 hits on our new Blog, and would like to keep increasing that number!  We’re hoping to create some buzz – not only about our own work, but the work of others around the globe, that guides and inspires us.  Design is our passion.  We want to discuss it with you, especially if it’s your passion too.

If you’re interested in receiving future e-mail blasts or newsletters, or you just want to drop us a line, e-mail us at:  We’d really appreciate it.

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