The Retail at The Milford Hotel

The Retail at The Milford Hotel – marketing the space

We’ve got a new video and website we’d like to share – so check it out! REA was chosen by Highgate Holdings to partner with CBRE 24/7 Retail to help promote the iconic Milford Hotel’s retail space on 8th Avenue and 44th Street. The website is pretty fun so we recommend giving it a look! In addition, f you need some inspiration this morning … check out the video we made for the Milford. We’re quite proud of it.

Real Estate Arts produces The Retail at The Milford video and website

The Milford's launch page by Real Estate Arts

The Milford Hotel launches a new concept and brand idea – the Real Estate Arts team brings it to life by introducing the Retail Space with a highly caffeinated website and video. PS – we love this one!

Real Estate Arts produces website and Video for The Milford Retail
Real Estate Arts Produces The Milford website and video to help lease the retail space

The Milford retail captures the energy of Times Square - perfect for today's retailer

Real Estate Arts produces The Milford Website

The Home Page is loaded with unexpected sights and sounds

Real Estate Arts Launches The Milford Website

Capturing the energy at every turn

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  1. Thanks Real Estate Arts for the share

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